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Wine shop Cagayan de Oro City

The Wine Cellar

We didn't know the name of the new wine shop on J.R. Borja Extension in Cagayan de Oro City, next to Bourbon Street Bistro, Lefty's and Barkadahan Grill and near Steve's Barbeque, but we know now: The Wine Cellar.

After Forth & Tay

Forth & Tay was the first real wine shop in Cagayan de Oro City and it was opened in 2011 by James Duvivier. The opening of the shop marks a change in Filipino thinking about wine, where before 'anything with alcohol' was called wine, but where slowly the higher class people start to see and appreciate what the rest of the world sees as wine.

So in 2014 the shop is still in the same location on Jr. Borja Extension, but it is called different now. And also the owner changed. But of course the quality of the wines is still the same or probably has even improved as slowly The Philippines moves into appreciating what is known in other countries as wine culture, where wine culture probably originated in France.

Wine Club

And how we came to know about this new and at the same time old wine shop was a friend inviting me for an evening specifically organized for Wine Club Members. And one of the interesting parts was that it was free, free food and wine. So I asked who was inviting, but didn't get a clear answer. So I decided to go, not really for the free wine and food, although of course that was an added bonus, but just to see some friends and meet people.

So I had a wonderful evening, indeed with free snacks and free wine, where I somehow still thought there was a catch. But there wasn't, although of course the idea of Wine Club and an evening like yesterday of course is and was intended as promotion for the shop and regular customers in the form of Wine Club Members.

Drinking wine in Cagayan de Oro City

And yes, running a business myself for quite some years now, I understand you need to invest in making your products known, and I think the owner has certainly succeeded in that. And being a wine lover for a long time and the owner indicating he is bringing in some really good wines now, will certainly make me go there to buy some real good wines.

Marketing wine in Cagayan de Oro City

And this page is all about how to market wine or other products in Cagayan de Oro City, or actually about marketing anything through the internet. So you may want to contact Guus Ellenkamp to know more on how to do that, on how to increase your sales making use of the internet.

Contact information

Contact information of The Wine Cellar in Cagayan de Oro City is:

Phone: 088 880-7213
Cellphone: 0917 972 89 64

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 4pm to late, Sunday 5pm to late.

Latest news on Facebook: The Wine Cellar on Facebook.


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